About Rocky Mountain Waterjet

One of our hard-working employees pulling finished parts out of the small waterjet.

We are a specialized precision machine shop located in northern Colorado.

Our forte is cutting custom products out of a variety of materials, using our OMAX waterjet machine centers.

Advantages of having parts cut by waterjet:

  • Elimination of tool cost for small volume and prototype work.
  • Minimal kerf width of 0.010 to 0.005 allows for tight tolerances and meeting capabilities for maximum material yield.
  • No heat thermal distortion or degradation of materials.
  • No noxious gases.
  • Part accuracy of 0.005.

The waterjets cut at five different quality levels. A material will be cut the fastest at quality one, while it will be cut very precisely at quality five. Here is a visual example of material cut at different settings:

Quality levels the waterjets cut at

In addition to the waterjets, we have a 400 watt Kern laser machine, ideal for cutting through thinner materials, as well as etching.

Advantages of having parts cut by laser:

  • Smooth edges.
  • Quick set up, making small volume and prototype work practical.
  • Kerf width 2 times the diameter of the beam (when cutting plastics)
  • Part accuracy of 0.003.